Graphic Design BFA

Provisional Candidates

Submission Form

During the application process last fall, you were provisionally accepted into the BFA program in graphic design. Provisional acceptance means that you are required to complete a probationary period prior to being fully accepted as a BFA student in graphic design. Now that you have completed the first two courses in the BFA sequence—ART 370 (winter quarter), and ART 371 (spring quarter) you are required to submit all of the work from both of those classes for review.

As part of this provisional acceptance into the program you are also expected to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA, complete the required art history courses in winter and spring, and conduct yourself responsibly and professionally as expected of a BFA student in the graphic design program.

Submit the Following

Complete the form and include the following projects, uploaded in JPEG format no larger than 2MB per file.

Name your files as follows: lastname_firstname_01.jpg and change the number for each file.

ART 370

  • Album Cover and Gig Poster
  • Book Cover
  • Wine Labels

ART 371

  • SOURCE Campaign
  • Non-Profit Campaign
  • Packaging Project
Use shift or command-click to select multiple files.